Average Chin Liposuction Cost in 2024 - Top Cities and States


    Men and women all over the world get chin liposuction to achieve a stunning, chiseled jawline. And those considering it often wonder, “How much does chin liposuction cost?” RealSelf reviews reveal average costs ranging from $1,500 to $6,500, with most people paying around $3,000 to $4,000 [1].

    The investment depends on factors like surgeon expertise, location, technique, and treatment extent. Double chin removal gets pricier if you need a complex procedure or are treating more than one area. Let’s explore factors that influence chin liposuction costs in greater depth.

    Average chin liposuction procedure cost by city and state

    The average cost to remove fat in the chin and neck area varies depending on where you live.

    Here are the approximate chin liposuction costs by major city:

    New York City, New York

    In NYC, expect to pay around $4,500 to remove a stubborn double chin. Surgeons here charge more due to the high demand, cost of living, and operating expenses.

    Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles residents are paying $3,500 on average for submental liposuction.

    San Francisco, California

    On average, people pay $3,000 to $9,500 for chin lipo in San Francisco. A minor treatment will be less while getting lipo on the chin and neck will drive up the cost.

    San Jose, California

    If you want to save money on chin lipo surgery in the Bay Area, look in San Jose. The average is $1,200, but the cost depends on the extent of fat removal.

    Sacramento, California

    In the state capital Sacramento, residents pay around $3,500 for chin fat removal. This is right in line with the nationwide average.

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas is a major hub for beauty procedures. People here pay $2,500 to $4,500 on average for chin liposuction surgery.

    Miami, Florida

    Miami is another hot spot for aesthetics. Surgeons here charge around $3,500 to $5,000 for chin liposuction.

    Dallas, Texas

    Dallas chin liposuction costs around $2,450. This is below the nationwide average.

    Houston, Texas

    Chin liposuction costs in Houston are higher than in Dallas, coming in at around $4,200.

    Chicago, Illinois

    Patients in Chicago pay anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 to treat their double chins. A complex procedure will set you back on the higher end of that range.

    Phoenix, Arizona

    In Phoenix, residents are paying an average of $5,000 for double chin removal surgery.

    Why would someone consider chin liposuction?

    Chin liposuction addresses concerns over subcutaneous fat under and around the chin area that diet and exercise can’t improve. The procedure can provide dramatic, yet natural-looking improvements in the submental area.

    Double Chin Reduction

    Patients get chin lipo to reduce double chins for smoother, slimmer jawlines. The procedure removes fat cells that contribute to fullness.

    Jawline Definition

    Chin lipo defines the jawline by removing fat deposits that obscure bone structure.

    Facial Proportions

    Excess submental fat throws off ideal facial proportions. This procedure can help achieve a balanced profile.


    Volume loss and sagging as a result of aging often lead to fat accumulation under the chin. Chin lipo recontours this area for a younger, revitalized look.

    Weight Loss

    Following major weight loss, residual excess fat and skin may remain under the chin. Submental lipo fixes this so the area is taut again.

    Confidence Boost

    Chin liposuction corrects an area that leads to frequent self-consciousness. Many patients report feeling less compelled to hide or camouflage their double chin after fat is removed.

    What factors affect the cost of chin liposuction?

    Several key factors impact the overall cost of chin liposuction:

    • Amount of fat to be removed: The more fat needing removal, the higher the cost

    • Technique used: Advanced methods like laser, ultrasound, or power-assisted liposuction have higher fees

    • Geographic location: Depending on where you live, chin lipo can be more or less expensive

    • Surgeon's expertise and reputation: Reputable surgeons charge more for their expertise

    • Facility fees: Operating room and equipment fees can add to the investment

    • Anesthesia fees: General anesthesia from an anesthesiologist costs more than local anesthesia

    • Post-operative care: Follow-up visits and compression garments add to the total fees

    • Consultation fee: Some surgeons may charge an initial consultation fee, which varies

    • Additional procedures: Getting chin and neck lipo together will bring the cost up, but you’ll save on certain fees like anesthesia and facility costs

    • Pre-operative tests: Lab tests, medical exams, or imaging screenings can make chin liposuction more expensive

    Types of chin liposuction

    Your surgeon may use one of the following liposuction techniques to treat submental fat:

    Tumescent Liposuction

    Tumescent liposuction is the most common and traditional technique. It involves infusing a liquid solution before fat removal to help reduce bleeding and swelling. The starting cost is around $2,000.

    Laser-Assisted Liposuction

    Laser-assisted liposuction uses thermal energy from lasers to break up and melt fat before suction. It may tighten mild to moderate loose skin. Patients experience less bleeding with this method but at a higher cost range of $2,500 to $4,500.

    Ultrasonic Liposuction

    Ultrasonic liposuction transmits ultrasonic waves through a cannula to liquefy fat cells for easier removal. This method is much more expensive, costing an upward average of $10,000.

    Power-Assisted Liposuction

    Power-assisted liposuction uses a specialized cannula with vibrating motions to break up and remove excess fat. This method works faster than traditional liposuction. Expect to pay an average of $3,000 to $4,000 for this technique.

    Note: Power-assisted is more affordable than energy-based liposuction, but it doesn’t boost collagen production. If you’re looking for skin tightening and fat removal, then ultrasonic or laser lipo may be a better investment.

    Additional costs to chin liposuction

    Your surgeon’s fee is only one part of the total chin fat reduction cost equation.

    Other costs to consider include:

    • Medical tests (e.g. lab tests, EKGs, medical clearance exams)

    • Anesthesia fees (e.g. general anesthesia, IV sedation costs)

    • Hospital or surgical facility costs (e.g. equipment, nursing staff fees)

    • Post-surgery garments (e.g. compression garments worn for several weeks)

    • Prescriptions for medication (e.g. antibiotics, pain relief prescriptions)

    • Post-operative care (e.g. follow-up visits, massage therapy)

    • Surgeon's fee (depends on your location and the surgeon’s expertise)

    • Travel and accommodation (e.g. hotel stays, gas, airfare)

    • Potential revision surgeries (e.g. future touch-ups, fixing unsatisfactory results)

    The costs for each of these will vary based on your needs.

    Some people, for example, may not need extensive post-operative care. They wouldn’t pay as much for that compared to those needing multiple follow-up visits and massage therapy. If you’re local, you also wouldn’t have to factor in travel costs like hotel stays and airfare.

    Save money on double chin liposuction by:

    • Finding a local, respected plastic surgeon to keep travel fees down

    • Picking an experienced surgeon specializing in chin liposuction to lower the chances of needing revision surgeries

    • Following your surgeon’s aftercare instructions so your body will heal well, requiring less post-operative care

    • Asking for current specials, discounts, or promotions available during your initial consultation

    • Bundling procedures for savings if you’re thinking about getting more than chin liposuction

    • Choosing local anesthesia or IV sedation (over general anesthesia by an anesthesiologist) if possible

    Is getting double chin lipo and neck lipo together common?

    It is very common for patients to get chin and neck lipo (or a neck lift) together in one procedure.

    Three key reasons why this combined treatment approach is popular:

    • Cost savings: When you treat multiple areas at the same time, you only pay anesthesia fees, facility fees, and other expenses once

    • More comprehensive aesthetic results: Treating only one area may lead to unbalanced results since excess fat often exists under the chin and along the neckline

    • Better contour and proportions: Refining the chin and neck area gives a more harmonious look

    How long will chin liposuction results last?

    The fat removal results from chin liposuction are permanent when performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. These fat cells won’t grow back [2].

    But that doesn’t mean new ones can’t form if you gain a lot of weight after the procedure. Following a healthy diet and exercise routine after surgery helps maintain the improved contours for years to come.

    Chin liposuction risks

    People have gotten chin liposuction for decades, with great success. It’s a safe procedure when you choose a skilled surgeon.

    But like all surgery procedures, there’s always a chance of risks [3]:

    • Infection: This is uncommon but can be treated with antibiotics

    • Bleeding: Minor bleeding and bruising are common after treatment, but contact your surgeon if you’re experiencing major blood loss

    • Anesthesia risks: Some patients experience adverse reactions to general anesthesia or IV sedation

    • Irregular contouring: If fat removal is uneven, the skin may appear bumpy, wavy, or asymmetrical

    • Fluid accumulation: Excess fluid can accumulate after surgery and require drainage

    • Numbness: Temporary or permanent numbness can occur

    • Fat embolism: The case of loosened fat particles entering the bloodstream is rare but dangerous

    • Long-term swelling: Some swelling can persist for weeks or months

    • Skin necrosis: Dying skin tissue is very rare but if it happens, it involves aggressive wound care

    • Changes in skin sensation: Skin may feel numb, ticklish, or itchy during recovery

    • Heart and lung complications: Anesthesia and surgical trauma put stress on the heart and lungs

    • Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism: The risk is low with preventative measures

    • Unsatisfactory results: Poor cosmetic outcomes or unmet expectations may require further surgery

    • Need for revision surgery: Some may need more procedures to touch up their results if they experience significant weight gain

    Does insurance cover the chin liposuction cost?

    Chin liposuction is an elective cosmetic procedure. So, insurance won’t cover any of the costs in most cases.

    The exceptions are [4]:

    • Fixing a birth defect

    • Treating an injury that impacts quality of life

    • Addressing a severe functional impairment that warrants liposuction to relieve

    If you can prove any of these, your insurance may provide partial financial help.

    Are there financing options for a chin liposuction?

    Plastic surgery practices know patients will need flexible financing options. So, many offer in-house payment plans to break up the total cost over a set number of months. Some surgeon’s offices may also give you a nice cut if you can pay the full cost upfront.

    Outside medical financing companies like CareCredit also provide loans for cosmetic surgery. It’s worth looking into if the provider you choose doesn’t offer in-house financing options.

    Is chin liposuction a permanent solution?

    Yes, chin liposuction is a permanent solution. Removed fat cells in the treatment area won’t grow back [5]. However, considerable weight fluctuations can impact long-term aesthetic results. Maintain a stable weight for the best outcome.

    Is chin liposuction worth the money?

    Yes, chin liposuction can be worth it for the right candidates.

    You may benefit from it if you:

    • Struggle with exercise- and diet-resistant fat

    • Are close to your ideal body weight

    • Have realistic expectations

    • Have good skin elasticity

    Liposuction works best in small, localized areas like the chin. Despite the steep upfront cost, most patients feel it’s a worthwhile investment in their facial appearance and self-confidence.

    Chin liposuction in California | Roham Plastic Surgery

    Still researching your chin liposuction options? Start by consulting with board-certified plastic surgeons in your area. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better. Surgery can come with more risks if you go with someone inexperienced. You won’t regret paying more for a surgeon who’s well-versed in aesthetic treatments.

    Many residents in the Orange County area trust Dr. Ali Roham for beautiful results. They appreciate his dedication to realistic results through compassionate, personalized care.

    Want to learn more about your chin liposuction options from Roham Plastic Surgery? Call (949) 269-7990 to book a consultation.


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